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Vault & Safe Moving

Mid Island Truck & Crane’s Vault and Safe Moving Services

Mid Island Truck & Crane Ltd has helped countless homeowners, banks and businesses to safely transport their vaults and safes. Safes and vaults have become our specialty due to the difficulties most moving companies have with transporting very heavy objects. At Mid Island Truck & Crane Ltd, we can safely move depositories and vaults up to 20,000 pounds in weight.

Safe and Vault Moves

Most consumer-grade vaults, including weapons vaults, max out at a little over 5,000 pounds. If you are planning to purchase a safe or vault, we can arrange the pick-up, delivery and installation of your vault directly from the distributor. Due to the sheer weight of safes and vaults, it’s best to leave the transportation and installation to trained, professional movers, such as Mid Island Truck & Crane Ltd.

Let us move your safe or vault – call us today!

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