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About Us

About Mid Island Truck & Crane Ltd in Surrey

Although our company was founded in 2002, it is backed by over 25 years of experience. With our knowledge and background, Mid Island Truck & Crane Ltd serves all of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory with quality heavy equipment moving services. We’ve helped numerous customers to safely transport and install vaults, restaurant equipment, business machines and much more. Due to the specialized nature of our business, most customers come by way of referrals from other businesses or families.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Moving Companies

We believe what sets us apart from other moving companies is our ability to move heavy equipment (up to 20,000 pounds), and we can typically fulfill a moving request in as little as a day. Our movers are specifically selected for not only their moving experience, but also their professionalism and courteousness to customers. All of our moving services are competitively priced, so there is little reason why a customer would choose a moving company with lower rates, but with less experience and inferior equipment. Even though we serve a niche market, our commitment to quality service has made us a successful enterprise.

removing a vault door
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