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Moving Services

The Moving Services of Mid Island Truck & Crane Ltd

Mid Island Truck & Crane Ltd provides vault, safe, and heavy equipment moving services to British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Our services are available to homeowners, businesses, restaurants and anyone who has vaults or heavy equipment to move. With over 25 years of industry experience in heavy equipment moving, we can provide professional, specialized service that you won’t find anywhere else – and at highly competitive rates!

Moving Any Equipment up to 20,000 Pounds

Whether you have a vault, depository or heavy business equipment, we can transport and install any equipment up to 20,000 pounds. How much is 20,000 pounds? 20,000 pounds is the equivalent of stacking five average-sized cars – now that’s heavy-duty moving!

What We Move

For your home or business, we can safely move and install:

  • Vaults (commercial & residential)
  • Safes of any kind
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Machinery
  • Office equipment & furniture

Our Moving Equipment

By utilizing specialized moving equipment, we are able to transport and install a variety of heavy objects. Some of the equipment we use includes:

  • Creepers
  • Stair crawlers
  • Trucks
  • 20,000 pound dolly
Why are we BC’s preferred safe and vault movers? - Learn more
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